Welcome to Rustic Inn

The original Rustic Inn Crabhouse began as a roadhouse saloon in Fort Lauderdale, some 60 years ago. Over the years, our hole-in-the-wall has molted to meet the demands for steamed crabs, seafood, and other popular dishes. Our World Famous Garlic Crabs have drawn people in from all over the world, including a few celebrities.


Join us today and see what the legend is all about. Request to sit on our dock for waterfront dining or tuck in to our lounge for one of our original frozen cocktails. Either way, let’s get crackin’!

Experience the Legend

You could drive to any seafood restaurant in Fort Lauderdale to crack open some crabs. But, you’re not looking for just any crustaceans. No, you are looking for the ones sustainably sourced, caught from local and distant waters, that have earned the title, “Deadliest Catch.” You want to experience the legend, the garlic crabs.

These crabs only exist at the Rustic Inn Crabhouse. Here, you wield your mallet with honor and don a bib with pride. Here seafood is “not fancy, just fresh.”

crab artwork

Rustic Inn room shoot
crab wheel

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Private Events

Nestled on the banks of the Dania Cutt-Off Canal, our old Florida style restaurant is the perfect setting for your private event. If you are interested in booking a space for your private event, please get in touch.

Fish Artwork

Home of the World Famous Garlic Crabs®

No need to come dressed to the nines at the Rustic Inn. You’re recommended attire is casual. It will pair nicely with a bib, a mallet and butter dripping fingers. You are encouraged to forget your table manners, and eat with your hands. Don’t worry about making a mess, that’s what the paper covered tables are for. Now that we have the particulars out of the way, you are ready to indulge in our World Famous Garlic Crabs.

Sound like fun? It is!

Keeping It Social