How to Eat Crab: A Step – by – Step Guide

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While the expansive menu at Rustic Inn covers nearly every type of seafood imaginable, from scallops to swordfish and beyond, our world-renowned crab dishes remain some of our most popular menu selections. But if you’re planning to indulge, you’ll have to be prepared, because eating crab is something of an art. We’ve assembled this quick guide to show you how it’s done:

1. Remove the legs.
Once your crab has been cooked and served, get started by removing the legs. This should be quite easy to accomplish – just twist and pull.

2. Turn the crab over and pull off the apron.
After removing the legs, flip it over – you’ll see a triangle-shaped piece that’s known as the apron. Remove this section, and pull the crab apart by prying where the apron was.

3. Get rid of the gills.
Once you’ve accessed the inside of your crab, make sure to remove the gills and other organs, as these parts aren’t quite as tasty as the crab meat.

4. Break the crab in half to reveal the meat.
Have you finished cleaning your crab? Next, break the body in half, which allows you to get at the delectable meat hidden within. Pick this meat out with your fingers and eat as you go, or save it to enjoy alongside your crab legs.

5. Eat the legs.
Reaching the mouthwatering meat within the legs can be done in two ways – you can simply pop the claw away from the leg and pull, or you can use scissors to cut down the length of the leg for easier access.

Rustic Inn: A World-Famous Crab Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Got all that down? Make sure to visit Rustic Inn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to practice your technique on one of our many scrumptious crab dishes. To learn more about all that we offer, give us a call at 954-584-1637.