Fort Lauderdale’s Source for Sea Scallops

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Rustic Inn Crabhouse is known for serving up the region’s tastiest crab dishes, but guests will find even more to savor on their diverse menu – including sea scallops. Known for their delicate sweetness and firm texture, sea scallops are found in several dishes on Rustic Inn Crabhouse’s lunch and dinner menus and are a can’t-miss item for any guest. What makes sea scallops so special? Here are just a few ways this delectable shellfish stands out.

Why Only Sea Scallops?

While there are several types of scallops available on many restaurant menus, Rustic Inn Crabhouse serves only the freshest, highest quality sea scallops in all its dishes. That’s because unlike bay scallops, which are caught in fairly shallow water, or calico scallops, which must be steamed open and lack their fellow scallops’ sweetness, sea scallops are found far from land, which leads to a much larger size. Those served at Rustic Inn Crabhouse are between the size of a 50-cent piece and a dollar coin, and are chosen specifically for their tender texture and impeccable flavor.

Scallops Served at Rustic Inn Crabhouse

For the seafood aficionado, there’s no better place to seek out sea scallops than at Rustic Inn Crabhouse. Fried Sea Scallops are a popular choice, as a crisp coating fried to golden perfection is an ideal complement to the delectable meat. The Broiled Sea Scallops are another mouthwatering option made with a family recipe that enhances the scallop’s sweet flavor and irresistible tenderness.

Sea scallops are also found in several of the restaurant’s combination plates. Guests who crave surf and turf are sure to enjoy the “Skippers” Platter, which serves up a New York strip steak alongside succulent fried sea scallops, or your choice of another fried seafood. There’s also Our Famous Reef Raft, which delivers a heaping plate of fried sea scallops with fried oysters, shrimp and fish for a seafood feast that’s second to none.

The Best Sea Scallops in Fort Lauderdale

Conveniently located at 4331 Anglers Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rustic Inn Crabhouse has enticed seafood enthusiasts from far and wide for decades. Stop by today for a meal to remember, or contact the restaurant online for additional information.